Thursday, 30 October 2014

Must Get Healthy, Must Motivate Self | Mabu

So. If you didn't notice by now, or if you just thought I was weird putting a random ass word/two words after every post, they're all song names. You should absolutely listen to all of them! Mabu is a track by a band called PUP, they're absolutely awesome.

Anyway, I've decided to start cycling.

This involved going and getting myself a decent enough bike, a shit ton of cycling gear and dressing up like an ultra cool dude (oh wait). So yeah, DEM base layers & DAT helmet. Everything is so tight. Be thankful if you're female, seriously.
so I've been regularly going on anywhere between 10 - 20 mile cycles at the moment; early in the morning or well late at night. I guess it just clears my head which is why I enjoy doing it so much. And of course, I have to make some sort of cycling playlist. This is some of what I have on at the moment, considering it changes daily.

You can listen to it here: Cycle 

It massively motivates me, I just need to keep on track with food cause I'm just always like "Aah yeah, I'll just eat these seven pizzas, 3 litres of coke and all these cookies, it'll be fine". I'm a bloody silly sausage.


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