Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Apparently I'm A Morning Person | Dope Calypso

Evening all. Today I am absolutely nackered. Been at work since half 6 this morning & I got home at half 4, then I've just been to a long-ass band practice. So I've only JUST got in bed. How bloody lame.
Halloween though.
Two days.

Well.. Technically tomorrow.

Halloween is by FAR my favourite holiday of the year. Combined with my unhealthy obsession with horror films, the whole dressing up thing is sick! Unfortunately, this year, finding something this year has completely eluded me, and I am now making some last minute decision. To go. As Wilson. As in, WILSOOONNNN from Castaway ft. Tom Hanks. Yeah, the football, except I have no Tom Hanks which sucks. I'm gonna look like such a tit. Will definitely show you some snaps of me in-costume.

I'm gonna go score some music up anyway before I fall asleep. Really need to write more music, I'm just that busy I can never find the time.


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