Thursday, 30 October 2014

Must Get Healthy, Must Motivate Self | Mabu

So. If you didn't notice by now, or if you just thought I was weird putting a random ass word/two words after every post, they're all song names. You should absolutely listen to all of them! Mabu is a track by a band called PUP, they're absolutely awesome.

Anyway, I've decided to start cycling.

This involved going and getting myself a decent enough bike, a shit ton of cycling gear and dressing up like an ultra cool dude (oh wait). So yeah, DEM base layers & DAT helmet. Everything is so tight. Be thankful if you're female, seriously.
so I've been regularly going on anywhere between 10 - 20 mile cycles at the moment; early in the morning or well late at night. I guess it just clears my head which is why I enjoy doing it so much. And of course, I have to make some sort of cycling playlist. This is some of what I have on at the moment, considering it changes daily.

You can listen to it here: Cycle 

It massively motivates me, I just need to keep on track with food cause I'm just always like "Aah yeah, I'll just eat these seven pizzas, 3 litres of coke and all these cookies, it'll be fine". I'm a bloody silly sausage.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Apparently I'm A Morning Person | Dope Calypso

Evening all. Today I am absolutely nackered. Been at work since half 6 this morning & I got home at half 4, then I've just been to a long-ass band practice. So I've only JUST got in bed. How bloody lame.
Halloween though.
Two days.

Well.. Technically tomorrow.

Halloween is by FAR my favourite holiday of the year. Combined with my unhealthy obsession with horror films, the whole dressing up thing is sick! Unfortunately, this year, finding something this year has completely eluded me, and I am now making some last minute decision. To go. As Wilson. As in, WILSOOONNNN from Castaway ft. Tom Hanks. Yeah, the football, except I have no Tom Hanks which sucks. I'm gonna look like such a tit. Will definitely show you some snaps of me in-costume.

I'm gonna go score some music up anyway before I fall asleep. Really need to write more music, I'm just that busy I can never find the time.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

OOTD | King Park

Jeans | Topman
Socks | Topman

Evening guys, how's it going? OOTD numero dos. Thought I'd go for an outfit a little different to my previous post. Ignore the messy shit hair.

Today I've been at work, and I've been up since 6am so of course I'm loving life right now. Also HELLA allergic to animals so I'm just sat here sniffling like a wimp because my sister's dog touched my face. Pathetic right? Anyway, negativity aside IT'S MY BIRTHDAY... in exactly one week. Don't feel massively excited as of yet but I know it'll all be all gravy cause I already know of a few snazzy presents and the fact I get to see a few mates who I BARELY see these days.

Anyway, this jumper is well bloody comfy; just a massive, olive green, XL cable-knit from New Look that I got a while back that I'm glad I can wear now the weathers dulled down a bit. I'm a massive winter guy, so I have one huge arsenal of jumpers that'll sure as hell join my fancy sock collection.

Again with the black skinnies, I live in these so you probably won't see my fabulous pins in much else unless it's a special occasion. These ones from Topman, which I own a few of now, are just the right kinda skinny. Without moving over to the women's section (which obviously means 0 crotch space), this is probably the skinniest i've found without, in my opinion, looking a bit daft. Well, daft on me, I don't really have THAT skinny legs.

My shoes are some Base London brogues from River Island that I got a while back as well, they're a little loud so I struggle to make 0 noise when it's like 4am and I'm stumbling home from town. Need to really get some softer heels don't I? I don't really like that many brogues but I absolutely love these. Definitely looking at getting some Grenson's soon though. Expensive as hell but they're definitely on the wishlist. Feel like my socks go well with them too, just being off-white and marl and just awesome.

I'm gonna make a brew anyway, cheers guys!